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Software Business Projects: What Technology is Made in Oregon?


Government Agency’s Information Services missions are to enable people to deliver agency products and services by putting sustainable business and technology solutions in their hands. As part of an agency’s IT response, IT's mission seeks to deliver product and services that solve real business problems and enable services.


Agency IT groups deliver solutions in the areas of eGovernment, procurement, wireless technologies, application development, information technology process improvement, technology management, and numerous other initiatives.


Strategic Planning. Agencies align their software business decisions through multiple business and IT strategic plans, including biennial Statewide Enterprise Information Resource Management Plans, Agency Busines Strategic Plans, and Legislative Bills.  These provide input for developing IT strategic goals and ensure results-oriented business outcomes for the future.


The top technology areas identified in government agency Strategic Plans include:

• electronic data exchange

• collaboration tools

• access architecture

• enterprise architecture

• data management

• rapid development and deployment tools

• process modeling services and skills

• document management and workflows

• IS Service Model

• GIS application integration

• wireless infrastructure

• research and development


IT Innovation and Strategic Alignment.   Software business decisions are based on value added innovation points.  Agencies first identify a business need, and then look at ways to collaborate on best practices while researching with the vendor community current and future technology trends. Agencies determine if a proposed software product or service provides added customer value to improve a service, balance constituencies, or provides ease-of-use.  When a vendor approaches an agency with a proposed product or solution, IT compares the idea against its alignment with the current agency strategic plan and business goals, as well as Statewide IT plans.


Government agencies develop their own vertical applications, but also purchase out-of-box applications. Agencies participate in reviewing statewide Software as a Service (SaaS) evaluations and are now investigating investment strateges for obtaining software on a subscription basis. Major consideration is going into determining the number of potential end users that could adopt SaaS when compared to the difficulty of implementing SaaS offerings.


In the short term, agencies are evaluating SaaS software for implementing email, fleet management, web conferencing, relationship management and infrastructure services. Medium term SaaS software goals could target Employee Performance Management, Unified Communications, Procure-to-Pay, Asset Management, Financial Accounting, and Case Management systems. Long-term goals involve moving Enterprise Content Management, ERP and HR Systems to SaaS or Software as a Subscription.

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