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Open Source Goes Vertical.  Open Source Development Lab (OSDL) Face-to-Face for vertical open source-based applications development.

ComputerWorld Magazine

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A Win for Microsoft in Massachusetts?  Open Source Software


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Open Source Special Report: Separating Fact or Fiction.  The Security and Stability of Open Source

CIO Magazine

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The Quest for IT Transparency: Panel Guest with moderator Rick Pastore, Editor, CIO Magazine. To combat the competitive pressures from outsourcers and the misperception that IT is only a commodity to be cost-managed, CIOs must make IT value and performance transparently clear to the organization. Three CIOs share successful approaches to making IT performance visible to business.

Society of Information Management

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Differentiation through business objectives and IT initiative alignment: Listening to the Customer!  Do you think that an organization's survival is contingent upon the alignment of their business objectives and their IT initiatives? Join Ben Berry, CIO of Oregon Department of Transportation as he focuses on this question of Listening to the Customer. IT is critical to the overall survival of an organization no matter the type of organization be it private, not-for-profit or the public sector. Corporate culture also plays a role in determining the success or failure of the organization. When innovation is a part of the organization's cultural values this tends to lead toward technological innovation that translates to strategic opportunities. To say that an organization's survival is contingent upon its use of IT may be too broad a statement to make in that IT, in and of itself, is not an effective tool unless it is the backbone of the innovation within the organization.

eWeek Enterprise News and Reviews

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 “Riding Out the Storm”, March 11, 2002.

Portland Business Journal

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Incremax Portal - Foster Communications

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Developing CIOs - Board Room Communications “Getting more out of Today's Technology Investments”.


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The Northwest Wireless and Security Conference in Portland, Oregon, includes some of the nation’s top security and wireless experts together. October 3, 2003.

Oregon Business Online

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The Wireless Office, December 2003.

TechDirt Wireless

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EyeforWireless 2004 Conference and Expo

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Best practice in integrating Voice over IP (VoWLAN) solutions in the Enterprise, EyeforWireless 2004 Conference and Expo in San Francisco.

Washington State Trade Association

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Investment Forum 2004, -- "The Real World: Trends that matter to today's CIO” WSA – Washington State Trade Association, Presentation to the oldest and largest state-wide technology trade association in Washington State.