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Welcome to SpeakReady, home of professional results oriented speakers and presentations.  Since 1994, we've been delivering professional keynote presentations to our clients, including webinars and panelists.  SpeakReady represents many diverse presentations catered to the needs of your organization, covering a wide array of topics in technology, business and diversity.  We present nationally in the USA as well as internationally.

We provide ideal presentations and content for meetings, events, and webinars while facilitating the speaker process for customer conferences.  We will work with you to select professional keynote presentation topics that best match the best substance for your audience.  Whether you are seeking professional keynote presentations for topics such as technology, business, diversity, master change facilitation, Lean Change Acceleration Process and Workout, inspiration or leadership, SpeakReady is the best option for delivering results oriented presentations.

Using SpeakReady has many advantages, and best of all you reap the benefits of our experience and expertise - not only with our help selecting motivational keynote presentations, but also with the eventual arrangements.  We have an extensive list of motivational and keynote presentations to choose from or will collaborate on your unique presentation demands.  Please see our list of Featured Presentations to explore possibilities for your event or conference!

About SpeakReady’s Founder.  

Ben Berry is the creative visionary behind SpeakReady and has presented to audiences in industries such as State and Local government, healthcare, telecommunications, aerospace/defense and airport transportation.   As a Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer, he has provided innovation and facilitated business process improvement for government, transportation, automotive, aerospace, and healthcare industries. 


Berry has served and presented for organizations such as:


He received his M.B.A. from UCLA and a B.S. in Life Science - Biotechnology from the University of Portland.  He has experience in computer software program management and operations, computer applications development and design, and systems development for public and private sectors both in the U.S.A. and the Middle-East.

Additionally, he is the recipient of the:



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