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Ben "Flaps" Berry Memorial Video

Benny Lee Berry  date of birth February 17 1925      date of death September 30 2013

On Monday, September 30, 2013 at 10am my father, Tuskegee Airman Ben “Flaps” Berry  died at the age of 88.   He had a wonderful and fulfilling life and continued to work all the way up until his last presentation shown below, where he was voted the best presentation of the day!  A Veterans funeral ceremony was conducted with a full honor guard funeral on October 17, 2013.  A memorial was held for him at the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum in McMinnville, Oregon on October 12, 2013 at 1:30pm.  

Ben "Flaps" Berry Inspiring Future Pilots  Book!


Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum:   Published on Oct 1, 2013

Tuskegee Airman Ben Berry was our featured speaker at the September 19, 2013 Oregon Aviation Summit. Eleven days later on September 30, 2013 Mr. Berry passed away at age 88. He had a wonderful and fulfilling life and continued to work all the way up until his last presentation at this event, where he received a standing ovation. A true hero!

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                                       Tuskegee Airman Ben "Flaps" Berry

Rising from humble beginnings in the Deep South where he was exposed to suggestions that he was inferior, this remarkable man is far more than a Tuskegee Airman.  The back cover of his book "Tuskegee Airmen - To the Moon, Mars and Beyond!" (Secrets Revealed), describes highlights of his amazing life.

  • Recipient of the United States of America Congressional Gold Medal of Honor
  • Author of three books and two screenplays
  • International Consulting Engineer
  • World trader where he negotiated an international loan commitment for $234M
  • Resident of Nigeria and Saudi Arabia where he worked for eight years
  • Aerospace Engineer as a member of the technical staffs for the Apollo, Space Shuttle and Space Station programs
  • Designer of the first computerized "Fly-by-Wire" Flight Control System -- a standard for military and commercial aircraft worldwide
  • First proposer for use of satellites to transmit radio signals -- evolved into the Satellite Communications Industry
  • First proposer of "Smart Bombs" 
Join Tuskegee Airman Ben “Flaps” Berry  for many of his book signing events discussing his book, TUSKEGEE AIRMEN -- To the Moon, Mars and Beyond!: (Secrets Revealed). The signing dovetails well with the worldwide release of the movieRed Tails.”  
See Channel 12 Fox News interview of Ben "Flaps" Berry



Many of us had grandfathers, uncles or family members who fought in WWII.  We are telling our family and friends to support this movie and to show George Lucas that we are grateful for his overcoming the challenges he faced in getting this movie into the theaters.  The movie "Red Tails" that depicts the challenges and heroism of the Tuskegee Airmen during WWI will be in movie theaters January 20, 2012.  This movie is produced by George Lucas, yes, the Star Wars and Indiana Jones George Lucas.  George Lucas was on the Tom Joyner Morning Show as he discussed the challenges he had getting this movie into the theaters.  Lucas could not find anyone in Hollywood that would invest the marketing dollars to get it in theaters. 


The Hollywood investors said they just didn't know how well an "all black action movie" would play to the movie going audience. As a result, Lucas, Oprah and Tyler Perry put up the remaining $35 million to get the film to the theaters. The total cost of the film is $100 million. Our challenge to all of us is to prove Hollywood wrong and get the word out to see a movie that shows an accurate history and determination of "real" American Heroes.

 Ben "Flaps" Berry posing with his B-25 Bomber


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