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Quotes Thank you so much for your presentation to the students in our OAME Youth Entrepreneurship Class yesterday afternoon. The students were very impressed and I could tell by the questions they asked they were very engaged in your presentation. Your ?story? is very compelling and in your past being a Grant General made it even closer to home (for me anyway!) for many of them. I can tell you have a passion on what you are doing and the processes you have to go through to get your company off the ground, so to speak. Let me wish you and your company well, and I look forward to hearing of your success in the future! I hope we can call on you again to share your story with our students in the future. Quotes
William D. Prows
Dir Business Dev, Oregon Assoc of Minority Entrepreneurs

Quotes You are a star!! I just read the feedback from the Leadership Revenue group following the day devoted to diversity, differences and how we acknowledge and work with one another respectfully. Your presentation was rated at 100% excellent ....I have not seen that high rating ever before and the written comments were stellar. The class took away a ton from your presentation.....I am thinking we could use this training for all of our managers at some point in the future if you are agreeable. After reading the comments explaining what people learned, that you had them spell bound and uncomfortable at times.....I think our managers could learn a great deal. Thank you for providing this outstanding and provocative training to our Leadership Revenue group. I will contact you in the next few months to see if you would consider another training for us.......I don?t want to take advantage of your time...I know how busy you are but if it is at all possible.....I would be grateful. Thanks! Quotes
Karen Gregory
Deputy Administratory Department of Revenue

Quotes No words can truely express my gratitute to you for all your support and help. It is just so great to have a boss/mentor like you in my life! Thank you so much for leading The Thinker Group meeting. You did so great and we all learned so much from you and the rest of the group. Thanks again! I hope to see you at our future meetings too~ Quotes
Susan Kuang
Thinker Group Sponsor

Quotes Thank you for once more setting the bar for excellence with the lead off story that you told to Leadership Oregon 2010. You set the tone for the rest of the morning. Thank you for always being there for LO, and for me. You continue to model what you tell others, "if you want something done, ask a busy person." Thank you for always taking time out of your busy schedule to give back to Leadership Oregon. You're one of the best, always! Quotes
Lucy Gardner
Leadership Oregon Program Manager

Quotes Thank you very much for being part of the four agency Wireless retreat. Your presentation was very well received, the subject very timely and the delivery was amazing. People asked me afterward if you did this for a living. They were so impressed with your public speaking and presentation skills. It was 10 out of 10. Thanks again, Ben. Quotes
Rob Reish
ODOT/OSP Wireless Communications, Manager

Quotes The Advisory Council spearheaded a very engaging luncheon plenary session entitled "Green IT: Lead or Follow?" led by Cisco's SVP, Chuck Robbins. Ben Berry, 2010 Summit Heritage Award Recipient & CIO/ State of Oregon, along with Mark Wilkins, CEO/Nextend, LLC rounded out the afternoon with their perspectives on "Leadership Beyond Technology" and "Solving the Green IT Equation", respectively. Quotes
ITSMF Executive Office
Information Technology Systems Management Forum

Quotes Ben, Thank you once again for being a part of the Diversity Panel at the 2014 PEO Conference. Your experience, quite varied and approach to life, allowed you to set a goal and figure out what you need to do to get there! Quotes
Wendy Coffin, PE
Professional Engineering Organization of Oregon

Quotes We just want to thank you again for coming to speak to the iUrban Teen Tech students at ITT Tech this past weekend. Your lecture and insight on your career and education were interesting and informative, and the students were excited and motivated. All together, it was a grand way to impact some of our future leaders. You are a generous and inspiring speaker. Our graduates, students, families and faculty would love to have you as a graduation speaker at one of our upcoming graduation ceremomies and will follow up with you very soon. Thanks again for sharing your talents and knowledge with us! Quotes
Vince Gorski
Campus Director, ITT Technical Institute

Quotes I?m still over-the-top beside myself with love and joy and enthusiasm because of yesterday?s iUrban Teen Tech Summit!! This was my first experience with Deena Pierott's heartfelt mission. I feel a new passion and calling???I definitely plan on being involved and hope to help in more ways as well. Your presentation was OFF THE CHARTS INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!! WOW!!!!!! HOLY MOLY!!!!!!!!!!! All great things to you in your adventure and journey to bring AirShip Technologies Group to worldwide success!!! I want dearly to be involved!! I?m not sure in what capacity now or in the future, but I?m blown away by what you?ve created??..I felt a jolt like lightning struck me as you described what you?re doing. I haven?t been this excited about a company in a long time. I also felt such joy at hearing such a tremendous life story and timeline of hard hard work and success. BRAVO TO YOU!!!!! Quotes
Claudia Knauer

Quotes I wanted to personally thank you for your attendance and presentation at the Innovation Arena during the Sustainability Summit in New York City. I truly appreciate your time and efforts. The impact of any group of presentations is only as high as the quality of its presenters. To state the obvious, your presentation set the bar very high for the future! Quotes
Edward Harrington
Certification Compliance Specialist - The COUNCIL

Upcoming Events

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Technology Presentations

  • Unified Communications
  • Social Networking Tools
  • Windows 7 - A Drill Down
  • State Disaster Recovery Tabletop Exercise
  • Clear Path To Innovate
  • Cloud Computing Strategies
  • GIS Economy of Ideas!
  • Web 2.0 Social Media 
  • Virtualization
  • Information Security
  • Clean Technology & Green IT
  • Mobile Computing
  • Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery
  • Computerworld Enterprise Intelligence Awards
  • SWOT Analysis for IT Strategic Planning
  • Mainframe System Software ConsolidationWorkshop
  • Real World Application of US Technical Advisory Group IT Standards
  • Government Open Collaboratives GOSCON 2008 Panel
  • The Future of Virtualization CIO Panel
  • Enterprise Architecture & ERP Programs
  • Compliance Based Security Fabric
  • Security – Staying Ahead of the Curve
  • Wrestling with 21st Century Issues in the Wireless Strategic Plan Framework
  • Open Source - From Collaboration to Innovation
  • Business Continuity Program/Disaster Recovery Program
  • CIO Panel Moderator: Getting Started with Open Source
  • Open Source Goes Vertical
  • Why Open Source is important and the Public Sector in General
  • Competitive Innovation Engineering
  • Security Fabric Strategy Road Map
  • Open Source in Government: Innovation in the Public Sector
  • Current and Future Applications in RFID – IT Asset Locator
  • Three C’s of Successful Storage Management: Balancing Cost, Capacity and Complexity
  • NW Wireless and Homeland Security Summit

Business Presentations

  • Marketing Operations & Technology Management
  • IT Services Consolidation for Benton County and City of Corvallis Synchronous Facilitated Workshop (Lean MCF)
  • IT Services Consolidation for Benton County and City of Corvallis Synchronous Final Report (Lean MCF)
  • Enterprise Architecture - Compelling Business Case
  • Pervasive Leadership
  • ODOT Storage Analysis (Lean MCF)
  • Oregon Storage Cost and Cost Recovery (Lean MCF)
  • State Data Center (SDC) Storage Management, Cost, and Growth Projections (Lean MCF)
  • Data Storage Cost Reduction Final Report (Lean MCF)
  • Consolidated Enterprise Action Plan (Lean MCF)
  • SDC Directors' Advisory board 11/22 Report-Out (Lean MCF)
  • SDC Directors' Advisory Board 10/25 Workshop Report-Out (Lean MCF)
  • Success through Collaboration
  • IT Governance & Outsourcing
  • IT Innovation & Strategic Alignment
  • E-mail Consolidation Roadmap Facilitation (Lean MCF)
  • Statewide Email Consolidation Roadmap Workshop Presentation (Lean)
  • Email Consolidation Roadmap Final Report (Lean MCF)
  • SaaS Strategy & Brokering IT Contracts Facilitation (Lean MCF)
  • SWOT Analysis for Enterprise Information Resources Management Strategy Facilitation (Lean MCF)
  • CEO: Technology Sine qua non
  • Synchronizing the Organization Train-the-Trainer Instructor Guide (Lean MCF)
  • Blueprint for Success - Leading the Way in IT Excellence
  • Recruiting and Retaining Top IT Talent
  • Mainframe System Software Consolidation Facilitation (Lean MCF)
  • Competitive Innovation Engineering
  • Open Source Community of Practice
  • Enterprise Security Standards Adoption (Lean MCF)
  • Open Source: How to Contain Software Costs
  • IT Management Career Development
  • 5th Annual Managing Projects & Programs Conference
  • What Your Executive Wants you to Know!
  • Business Resilience on the Fault Line
  • Policy Development Framework for Open Source Software Procurement & Use
  • Open Source in Government and Open Technology Use Case Development
  • Open Source - From Collaboration to Innovation
  • LinuxWorld Open Solutions Tokyo, Japan Conference 2007
  • Open Source: How to Contain Software Costs
  • Wrestling with 21st Century Issues in the IT Strategic Plan Framework -- IT Strategic Plan Framework.
  • Getting Started with Open Source
  • LINUX Solutions in State and Local Government.
  • Open Source Strategic Thinking
  • Challenge of Program Management in the Transformation Life Cycle
  • Business Acumen: Program Management -- What Your Executive Wants you to Know!
  • “Strategic Thinking "
  • Healthcare Overview and Enabling Technology
  • Public Private Renewable Energy
  • Oregon Innovation Online -- Smart Apparel Business Clusters
  • Planning a Disaster Recovery Strategy
  • Synchronize the Organization Moves, Adds, Changes for PCs and Telephones (Lean MCF)
  • Synchronize the Organization IT Security Management – Identity and Access Management (Lean MCF)
  • Synchronize the Organization Employee Assistance Program (Lean MCF)
  • Synchronize the Organization Organizational Development (Lean MCF)
  • Synchronize the Organization Business Model Determination: Pelvic Organ Prolapsed, Fecal and Urinary Incontinence Center (Lean MCF)
  • Synchronize the Organization Diversity Strategy Model (Lean MCF)
  • Synchronize the Organization Medication Administration Defects Elimination (Lean MCF)
  • Synchronize the Organization Procurement Service Delivery (Lean MCF)
  • Synchronize the Organization Hospital Out-Patient Payment Denials (Lean MCF)
  • Synchronize the Organization General Motors Accelerometer Car Bag Supply Chain (Lean MCF)

Diversity Presentations

  • Tuskegee Airmen - To the Moon, Mars and Beyond!
  • The Business Case for Diversity
  • Martin Marched So Barack Could Run, Barack Ran So We Could All Fly
  • Trust and Inclusion in the Workplace
  • Generational Gap- Why Can't We All Just Get Along?
  • We Can All Be Great Because We Can All Serve!
  • Diversity and Generational Issues in the Work Place
  • Colors of Influence
  • Building Your Life’s Career!